Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Business History Review: Recent Articles on Large Topics

As reported earlier, the Business History Review is now being distributed by Cambridge University Press. In the first issue of the new partnership, the Spring 2011 number, the editors (Walter Friedman and Geoffrey Jones) have taken the opportunity "to consider the work published by business historians over the past ten years, and to think about the future direction of the journal as well as of the field more broadly." The full essay, "Business History: Time for Debate," is available on  the BHR's HBS website.
   Readers may also be particularly interested in the Winter 2010 volume, which is a special issue on "Business History and the Varieties of Capitalism." The issue features a Roundtable by V. R. Berghahn, Gary Herrigel, Martin Jes Iversen, Cathie Jo Martin, Rory M. Miller, Kathleen Thelen, Richard Whitley, Mira Wilkins, and Jonathan Zeitlin, which is available on-line. The BHR routinely makes one or two of the articles and book reviews in each issue freely available.