Friday, November 19, 2010

World Economic History Conference: Second Call for Session Proposals

The XVIth World Economic History Congress of the International Economic History Association (IEHA) will take place in Stellenbosch, South Africa, July 9-13, 2012. The organization has recently issued the second call for session proposals:
Although the IEHA welcomes sessions on all topics in economic history, history of economics, demographic history, social history, urban history, cultural history, gender studies, methodological aspects of historical research, and related fields, the WEHC 2012 theme is “Exploring the Roots of Development.” The IEHA has, therefore, a particularly strong desire to attract sessions on the period before 1800 and sessions that include countries other than those of Western Europe and North America. Organisers will be given wide discretion to shape the format of sessions to be the most interesting and efficient, given the topic and the participants invited.
Session proposals must be submitted via the online submission form. Those submitting proposals will be asked to provide the following information: the name(s), title(s), and institutional affiliation(s) of the organizer(s), contact details, the proposed title for the session, a session abstract explaining the aim and relevance of the session, the number of papers expected, and the names and affiliations of those who have agreed in principle to participate. Session proposals must be submitted in English. Note that "The IEHA Executive Committee does not expect session organisers to present a full panel of participants; indeed organisers are encouraged to make an open call for papers once their session has been selected for the programme."

The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2011.  Please see the complete call for sessions for additional information.