Sunday, November 28, 2010

Economic History Conference at Yale: "Before and Beyond Europe"

The Program in Economic History, a part of the Economic Growth Center at Yale University, has announced the program for its conference, "Before and Beyond Europe: Economic Change in Historical Perspective," to be held February 25-26, 2011. In the words of the organizers:
It is broadly held now, following Douglass C. North and others, that History matters to Economics.  This shift has contributed to a rebirth in Economic History and inspired lively debates and new and exciting cross-disciplinary exchange.  This conference aims to capture this new dynamism in Economic History by inviting scholars working on Economic History from different disciplinary angles, in different historical periods, and in many areas of the world.  Topics in the conference range from the Ancient Mediterranean to Medieval Europe, from Early Modern China to Modern Africa.  Its premise is that cross-disciplinary dialogue is best cultivated in a collegial atmosphere and by discussion of innovative empirical research. 
Naomi Lamoreaux, professor of economics and history at Yale, will open the meeting. The web version of the program provides links to abstracts of most of the papers. Please check the Program in Economic History site later for more details.