Thursday, September 16, 2010

CFP: European Business History Association Meeting, Athens, 2011

The European Business History Association (EBHA), in conjunction with Hellenic Open University, will hold its fifteenth annual meeting at the National Technical University in Athens, Greece, August 24-26, 2011.  The theme of the conference will be "Business Finance and the State in the 20th Century: European Comparisons in Historical Perspectives–Crises and Transformation." The call for papers explains:
The theme of the conference refers to the debate and discussion of economic crises and recessions in the 20th century, stimulated by the onslaught of the first severe recession of the 21st century. The contradictions of globalisation have set in motion a process of introspection and questioning about the role of business, finance and the state and a need to study the past, rethink concepts and processes, find keys to understanding the present and working towards a solution for the future. Relations between business and the world of finance, on the one hand, and state and finance, on the other, are of particular importance and their study continues to generate useful comparisons, experiences and new perspectives. The role, strategies and practices of the corporate and other sectors of business prevalent in the West need to be re-examined. Alternative patterns of economic structures and synergies, various industries, as well as various degrees and forms of state intervention are resurfacing as potential solutions, in order to induce economic activity and preserve the tissue and peace of societies. They have implications for entrepreneurial initiative and business organisation as well as changes in corporate strategy and governance.
For a complete description of the conference theme, please see the full call for papers.

Proposals for papers or sessions related to the theme of the conference are welcome, although paper and session proposals not directly related to it will also be considered. For paper proposals, please submit a title and abstract of no more than 400 words (one A4 page) along with a one- page CV to Session proposals should include a brief abstract of the session along with a one-page abstract and a one-page CV for each participant. Deadline for all proposals is January 15, 2011.

For further details please see the conference website.