Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer/Fall Conference Programs Available

Several major scholarly organizations have posted the programs for their upcoming conferences:
Association of Business Historians (University of York, 16-17 July), "Global Business and Global Networks"
Centre for the History of Retail and Distribution/Pasold Research Fund (Wolverhampton, 8-9 September), "Distribution Networks for Textiles and Dress, c. 1700-1945"
Economic History Association (Evanston, Ill., 24-26 September), "Economic and Historical Perspectives on Places, Periods, and Institutions"
European Business History Association (University of Glasgow, 26-28 August), "Business History beyond the Firm"
And for those who want to check out the paper topics, here are links to the programs of some completed 2010 conferences:
Economic & Business Historical Society (Braga, Portugal, 27-29 May)
Economic History Society (University of Durham, 26-28 March) (some papers are available on-line)
Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand (Victoria University of Wellington, 7-10 February), "Financial Crises: Historical Perspectives" (some papers are available on-line)
"Tariffs in History," Instituto Figueroa de Historia y Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Madrid, 13-14 May) (papers available on-line)