Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Business History on You Tube

Although You Tube is perhaps not the first place that comes to mind when one searches for the work of business and economic historians on-line, many institutions in fact use the site to upload scholarly talks and discussions.  A quick search, for example, found the following:
Richard Sylla, "The 1929 Crash: The Great Myth" (CNN Money)
Christopher Kobrak, "Financial Crisis: A History in 5 Crises" (ESCP Europe)
Leslie Berlin, "Robert Noyce: The Man behind the Microchip" (Google)
Barry Eichengreen, "The Financial Crisis" (1 0f 4)
Niall Ferguson, "Global Economic Growth Shifting East" (1 of 3) (Charlie Rose)
Geoffrey Jones, on "Beauty Imagined" (Centre for Business History, Stockholm)
Roger Owen and Robert Tignor, "Global History, Local History: Egypt in Time and Place" (American University, Cairo)
Richard Tedlow, "IBM 360 Case," Computer Museum
David Kennedy, "Lessons from FDR's New Deal" (UCTV)
AHA 2009 "Subprime Crisis Panel": Stephen Mihm (HNN)
OAH 2009, "New Work on the New Deal," Louis Hyman (HNN)
Naomi Lamoreaux, "The Economic Performance of Civilizations" (USC)
Many academic talks and interviews have been captured on video and uploaded to the Web in addition to those on You Tube.  Some examples of those in a later post.