New Books: Summer 2020



Coffeeland: One Man’s Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favo
rite Drug
, by Augustine Sedgewick. An audio sample is available here, and an interview with the author in the podcast show Who Makes Cents is available here.

How the Suburbs Were Segregated: Developers and the Business of Exclusionary Housing, 1890-1960, by Paige Glotzer. For an interview with the author in the podcast show Who Makes Cents click here.

William Quinn's and John D. Turner's Boom and Bust: A Global History of Financial Bubbles came out in August 2020. The TOC is available here

Nate Holdren's Injury Impoverished: Workplace Accidents, Capitalism, and Law in the Progressive Era came out in April of 2020. For a TOC visit this link. There is more information and discussion on the book The Labor and Working-Class History Association blog, the Legal History publication Jotwelland on the Cambridge University Press roundup post Labor, Poverty and Power

The History of Entrepreneurship in Mexico: Contextualizing Theory, Theorizing Context, edited by Araceli Almaraz Alvarado and Oscar Javier Montiel Méndez features studies by twenty authors. For the table of contents click on this link. There will be a presentation of the book available here in Spanish after September 22, 2020.

Claudio Belini's compilation of articles Empresarios y Estado en Argentina. Política y economía, 1955-2001 discusses the history of business and government in Argentina. For a description in Spanish and the book's table of contest visit this link.

Also in Spanish is Eugenia Scarzanella's La FIAT in America Latina (1946-2014)

Inter and Post-war Tourism in Western Europe, 1916–1960 edited by Carmelo Pellejero Martínez and Marta Luque Aranda contains the eight articles that can be accessed separately in this link.