CFP: ABH 2019

The Association of Business Historians (ABH) will hold its next annual meeting at Sheffield Hallam University on July 4-6, 2019; the theme of the conference will be "Business Transformation in an Uncertain World." According to the call for papers,
Businesses have always operated in a shifting and uncertain environment. Such uncertainty has stemmed from a variety of factors including the surprising behaviour of rivals, the advent of new and sometimes disruptive technologies (such as steam power or electricity), changes in consumer tastes, the tightening or relaxation of regulation, macroeconomic disturbances (such as depressions), natural and industrial disasters, national-ization, political crises and war. The conference seeks to explore how businesses (and business organizations) in the past charted their way through an uncertain world, whether reactively or creatively through reorganization and the development of new strategies to secure an advantage. Failure may be as interesting as success.
For more details about the conference theme and other conference activities, please see the call for papers; deadlines will be announced later this fall.