Posts of Interest from the Blogosphere

A few recent articles of interest to business and economic historians published in blogs:
On the American Philosophical Society blog, Cynthia Heider writes about "Indenture Mining: Making Pre-Industrial Tradeswomen Visible" (part 1, with part 2 to come shortly)

A recent post on the Library of Congress's "Inside Adams" blog discusses the history of quantitative graphics in "Historical Business & Economics Charts and Graphs."

On the National Archives blog "The Text Message," Elise Fariello writes at length about the usefulness of "Tax Assessment Lists of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries."

On the "Organizational History Network," Peter Miskell recaps his ABH talk on "The Content & Practice of Business History"

An early July installment of JSTOR Daily delves into "The Massive Fight over Sunday Mail," using a 1990 Richard R. John article as its source.

On SHEAR's "Panorama" blog, Priya Satia uses the research from her recent book, Empire of Guns, to inform "Empire of Guns: Arming the American Gun Debate with Insights from the History of the British Gun Trade."

On the "Early Canadian History" blog, George Colpitts writes about omissions in a Hudson's Bay Company employee's journal and their import in "What Peter Fidler Didn't Report."

On the Cambridge [University Press] Core blog, Lindsay Schakenbach Regele expands on her article from the Business History Review on "Industrial Manifest Destiny: American Firearms Manufacturing and Antebellum Expansion." [free access to the full article has expired]