Friday, May 19, 2017

Items of Interest from around the Web

Lots of business history material out there recently; a sampling:
JoAnne Yates and her work on business communications featured prominently in a Washington Post article related to the Comey memoranda stories. That piece was followed by a supportive pair of tweets from Paul Krugman, here and here, where he notes, "Her work on the history of business communication is, by the way, fascinating and revelatory."

The NEP-HIS blog has a review by Adrian E. Tschoegl of Catherine Schenk's recent BHR article, "Rogue Trading at Lloyds Bank International, 1974: Operational Risk in Volatile Markets." [Limited time free access to the BHR article here.]

Geoff Jones has written an essay for the Oxford University Press blog on "Can green entrepreneurs save our planet?" based on his forthcoming book, Profits and Sustainability: A History of Green Entrepreneurship.

Wrigley's ad, 1941
The "JSTOR Daily" used an Enterprise & Society article by Daniel Robinson, "Marketing Gum, Making Meanings: Wrigley in North America, 1890-1930," as the basis for its May 11 post, "How Wrigley Chewed Its Way to Gum Greatness."

Sharon Ann Murphy has a post on the SHEAR blog, "The Republic," about "How Banking Worked in the Early Republic."
    And over on another SHEAR web project, "The Panorama," readers will find several articles of interest, including newer posts about teaching the history of capitalism and the early republic and entangled economies.

Joseph Malherek discusses his work in "Creating Circumstances: Edward Bernays, Psychoanalysis, and the Making of American Consumer Culture" on the AHA blog, "AHA Today."

Readers can view Benjamin Waterhouse discussing his latest book, Land of Enterprise: A Business History of the United States, on C-Span's "The Book."