Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reminder: BHC at AHA 2017

As folks set off to attend the 2017 American Historical Association meeting in Denver, which takes place January 5-8, a quick reminder of BHC-sponsored sessions and other program items of interest:
A luncheon on Friday, January 6, will focus on a round table discussion of "A New Materialism? The Economic and Beyond," with speakers Fahad Bishara (University of Virginia), Robyn d'Avignon (New York University), Geoff Eley (University of Michigan), and Christine Rosen (University of California, Berkeley). Ken Lipartito (Florida International University) will chair the session. The BHC also is a sponsor of AHA Session 239, “Capitalistic Visions, Complicated Realities: Entrepreneurs, Consumers, and Commercial Culture in the Early Republic,” which will take place on January 7 at 1:30. We also listed a number of sessions of particular interest earlier on The Exchange.
 A few additional sessions and individual papers in business and economic history (not an exhaustive list):
Session 143: "The 'Second Slavery' Worldwide"
Session 245: "The Caribbean beyond Sugar: New Approaches to Sinew Populations and Colonialism in the Early Modern Caribbean"
Elisabeth Engel, "Fear at the Beginning of American Independence: Approaching the Spatial History of Insurance" [session 12]
Hannah Farber, "Commercial Law, Imported and Re-exported" [session 16]
Brent Cebul, "Making 'Love to Our Entrepreneurs': Public R&D, Venture Capital, and the Forging of Postindustrial Policy, 1972–95" [session 40]
Jason W. Moore, "Empire, Capital, and the Rise of Cheap Nature, 1450–1750" [session 55]
Matthew Combs, "The Invention of Plastic: British Imperialists, American Businessmen, and Taiwanese Camphor, 1860–95" [session 190]
Kenneth Bindas, " 'Romance of Steel and Iron': The 1936 Great Lakes Exposition, Regional Identity, and the National Discourse" [session 261]
Andrew Meade McGee, "Regulating the Computer: Institutions, Information Processing, and State-Market Boundaries in the First Three Decades of the Digital Age" [session 327]