Data Online: Foreign Companies in Argentina

The project "Base de Datos de Empresas Extranjeras en Argentina / Foreign Companies in Argentina"has recently launched a website where the database can be freely examined.
     The "Foreign Companies in Argentina Database" (FCAD–PICT 2010/0501) contains information on all foreign companies (registered as foreign or registered in Argentina) operating in the country, and takes into account country of origin, date of creation, organizational form, principal activity, type of investment (greenfield, brownfield and joint-venture), social capital, reserves and results, as well as other data such as composition of boards, for the selected years: 1913, 1923, 1930, 1937-8, 1944, 1959-60, and 1970-1.
     The head researchers on this project are Andrea Lluch (CONICET/UNLPam y Facultad de Administraci√≥n, UNIANDES, Colombia, and a BHC trustee) and Norma Lanciotti (CONICET-Universidad Nacional de Rosario). As they explain on the website,
Foreign companies have played a fundamental role in the Argentinian economy development since the beginning of the process of internal market organization and the consolidation of the nation state in the 19th century until the present day. With this in mind, the general aim of the project is to analyze the historical role of multinational companies and the characteristics of the different cycles of foreign direct investment in the long term and from a business history perspective. 
Scholars are invited to explore the database and to offer comments and suggestions to Andrea Lluch ( and Norma Lanciotti (