Wednesday, February 3, 2016

BHR Provides Free Access to a Selection of Articles

The editors of the Business History Review, published by Cambridge University Press, are providing open access to a number of recent articles. Included are:
Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Kenneth L. Sokoloff, and Dhanoos Sutthiphisal, "Patent Alchemy: The Market for Technology in US History"
Espen Storli, "Cartel Theory and Cartel Practice: The Case of the International Aluminum Cartels, 1901–1940"
Mary O'Sullivan, "A Fine Failure: Relationship Lending, Moses Taylor, and the Joliet Iron & Steel Company, 1869–1888"
Richard R. John, "Prophet of Perspective: Thomas K. McCraw"
Mira Wilkins, "The History of Multinationals: A 2015 View"
Alain Verbeke and Liena Kano, "The New Internalization Theory and Multinational Enterprises from Emerging Economies: A Business History Perspective"
Pierre-Yves Donzé, "Siemens and the Construction of Hospitals in Latin America, 1949-1964"
B. Zorina Khan, "Inventing Prizes: A Historical Perspective on Innovation Awards and Technology Policy"
Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, and John D. Turner, "Active Controllers or Wealthy Rentiers? Large Shareholders in Victorian Public Companies
Brian R. Cheffins, "Corporate Governance since the Managerial Capitalism Era"
Readers may also want to check out the Autumn 2015 issue, which is a special volume on "Globalization," in which the Wilkins, Verbeke and Kano, and Donzé articles appear.