Friday, January 15, 2016

New Open Access Journal: Evolutionary Studies in Business

A new peer-reviewed open access journal, the Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business, has just appeared. The co-editors are Paloma Fernández Pérez and Jaume Valls-Pasola, both of the University of Barcelona, Spain. According to the editors,
The Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business is a new open access journal led by an international interdisciplinary team of scholars located in eight institutions from three continents who want to attract contributions that help shed light on the new questions, challenges, methodologies and realities, faced by businesses in an evolutionary perspective. The journal calls particularly for review essays that deal with new research topics about business, and provide useful overviews of the key ideas, scholars, and debates about important research topics concerning business and its environment. The strategic areas of interest for submissions from authors are: Management Challenges, Entrepreneurship, Science and Business, Creative Industries, International Business, Business History, and Latin American Businesses. JESB will also publish articles about relevant online resources that contain information of interest to academic scholars and business practitioners.
The first issue is available here. The journal will publish two issues a year. More information, including the full list of editors and editorial policies, can be found on the journal website.