Friday, January 2, 2015

Digital Resource: Morgenthau Diaries and War Refugee Board Materials

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum has recently digitized the diaries, press conferences, and War Refugee Board materials of Henry Morgenthau, Jr., head of the Farm Credit Administration and Roosevelt's Secretary of the Treasury (1934-1945). FRANKLIN, the Library's virtual research room and digital repository, now provides free online access to more than 400,000 pages documenting Morgenthau's life, career, and accomplishments. According to the website,
The Morgenthau Diaries and Press Conferences are some of the most unique resources in the Roosevelt Library. No other Cabinet official kept as complete a record of his official activities and his relationship to the President than Henry Morgenthau, Jr.. . . .[the Library] seeks to enhance the understanding of Morgenthau’s contributions to the New Deal and war effort as FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury.
The Library website provides historical information and descriptions of each part of the collection.
    Readers interested in this period might wish to investigate the FDR Library's other digital exhibits, which include material on Frances Perkins, Roosevelt's fiscal policies, and "The New Deal in Action."

Hat tip to the Legal History Blog