Friday, April 18, 2014

EHA Prize Deadline Approaching

The Economic History Association invites submissions for the Allan Nevins Prize in U.S. or Canadian Economic History and for the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize in the economic history of an area outside the United States or Canada. Both prizes will be awarded at the Economic History Association’s annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio in September 2014.
    Those who received their Ph.D. between May 16, 2013 and May 15, 2014 are eligible and invited to submit their dissertation for consideration. All candidates for these prizes must be members of the Economic History Association. Dissertations submitted for consideration must be in English. Submission of a dissertation implies that candidates are prepared to attend the 2014 meetings in Columbus, Ohio. Presentation of a dissertation summary is required by all finalists. Scholars submitting a dissertation for consideration should not in the same year submit a proposal to the general program that is part of or derived from the dissertation.
   The deadline for entries is May 15, 2014.
   Dissertations must be submitted as a single PDF file. Files of less than 5 MB in size may be sent directly to the conveners as an email attachment. To submit a file over 5 MB in size, please supply a download link in an email message. Please send submissions for the Allan Nevins Prize to Leah Platt Boustan at Please send submissions for the Alexander Gerschenkron Prize to Mauricio Drelichman, All submissions will be acknowledged by return email. Notices announcing the selection of finalists will be sent to all candidates by July 24, 2014.