Friday, March 28, 2014

Article and Paper Awards from the Business History Conference

At its meeting in Frankfurt, Germany on March 13-15, the BHC announced this year's recipients of its article and paper prizes.
Paper Prizes:
The K. Austin Kerr Prize recognizes the best first paper delivered at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference by a new scholar (doctoral student or those within three years of receiving their Ph.D). It honors K. Austin Kerr, longtime professor of history at the Ohio State University and former president of the Business History Conference.
  2014 Recipient: Elizabeth Ann Semler (University of Minnesota), “Public Health or Industry Health? U.S. Government Responses to the 1970s Dietary Cholesterol-–Heart Disease Controversy”

The CEBC Halloran Prize in the History of Corporate Responsibility recognizes a paper presented at the BHC annual meeting that makes a significant contribution to the history of corporate responsibility. It is funded by the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the University of St.Thomas Opus College of Business in honor of Harry R. Halloran, Jr.
  2014 Recipient: Stephanie Decker (Aston Business School), “The Impact of Colonial Development Debates on the HR Policies of Imperial Business in Ghana and Nigeria, 1940-1960”

Article Prizes:
The Oxford Journals Article Prize recognizes the author of an article published in Enterprise & Society judged to be the best of those that have appeared in the volume previous to the year of the BHC annual meeting.
  2014 Recipients: Francesca Carnevali and Lucy Newton, “Pianos for the People: From Producer to Consumer in Britain, 1851–1914,” Enterprise & Society 14 (March 2013): 37-70. HTML version  PDF version

The Mira Wilkins Prize, established in recognition of the path-breaking scholarship of Mira Wilkins, is awarded to the author of the best Enterprise & Society article pertaining to international and comparative business history published the volume previous to the year of the BHC annual meeting.
  2014 Recipient: Brenna Greer, "Selling Liberia: Moss H. Kendrix, the Liberian Centennial Commission, and the Post-World War II Trade in Black Progress," Enterprise & Society 14 (June 2013) 14: 303-326. HTML version  PDF version

Oxford Journals is making these two articles freely available for the remainder of 2014. Just follow the links above.