Monday, August 5, 2013

Carlson's Book on Nikola Tesla in the News

W. Bernard Carlson recently published Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age (Princeton University Press, 2013). The book has garnered considerable mainstream media attention: readers can find reviews the Wall Street Journal, the Times Higher Education, The Times (London), and the Washington Post. In addition, Carlson, a long-time BHC member who also serves as the executive secretary of the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), was a guest on NPR's Diane Rehm Show last month, on Coast to Coast AM, and on WICN's "Inquiry."  Carlson can also be heard discussing Tesla, at an earlier point in his research, on NPR's "On Point" (2010). There is a printed discussion with Carlson about Tesla on the Smithsonian website.
    Carlson also has an article on the Gotham History Blotter titled "Places of Invention: Nikola Tesla's Life in New York." And he blogs about one aspect of Tesla's work on The Huffington Post: "Did Al Gore Invent the Internet? No, Nikola Tesla Did." UVA Today has a lengthy interview with Carlson about his research and aspects of Tesla's life and career; a video interview from UVA Today is available here.
    One interesting venue is the website "Epic Rap Battles in History," which uses rap to present well-known historical rivalries in 21st-century idiom. They recently produced a "Tesla vs. Edison" video, which Carlson dissects here, explaining the differing business strategies of the two men.
    W. Bernard Carlson is professor and chair of the Engineering and Society Department at the University of Virginia.