Monday, December 17, 2012

CFP: Oral History Society, UK

The theme of the Oral History Society's next annual meeting should be of particular interest to business historians; it is "Corporate Voices: Institutional and Organisational Oral Histories." The meeting will take place July 5-6, 2013, at the University of Sussex. According to the call for papers, the conference will "explore the hidden histories of private companies and business, public institutions, hospitals, universities, museums, public utilities, local and national governmental, campaigning bodies and charities," and "bring into dialogue historians of business, education and health with oral historians who have been commissioned to work with and within institutions to create and document their oral history." For a fuller list of topics and concerns, please see the complete call for papers.
    Each proposal should include: a title, an abstract of between 250-300 words, submitter's name (and the names of any co-presenters or panelists), institution or organization, email address, and a note of any particular requirements. The abstract should demonstrate the use of oral history or personal testimony and be directly related to the history or development of aspects of organizational or corporate history. Proposals should be emailed to the Corporate Voices Conference Administrator, Belinda Waterman, at The deadline for submission of proposals is January 7, 2013.