Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 SSHA Program: “Histories of Capitalism”

Readers may be interested in the program for this year's Social Science History Association (SSHA) meeting, just concluded in Vancouver, British Columbia. Given that the theme for the meeting is "Histories of Capitalism," it is not surprising the the program includes many business and economic historians; they include Elizabeth Shermer, Dominique Tobbell, Maria Stanfors, Dan Du, Ray Stokes, Daniel Levinson Wilk, Kris Inwood, Louis Cain, Jane Humphries, Christine Desan, Carol Heim, Eileen Boris, Richard Steckel, Sean Vanatta, and Elspeth Brown—a list that is by no means all-inclusive. The complete program is available here. There is no fast way to filter the many sessions, but using the "Conference Schedule" link takes readers to a list of session titles with links to participants and paper abstracts.