Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hagley Materials on Historypin

Explosion Aftermath at DuPont
This summer, the Hagley Museum and Library created a channel on Historypin to organize and spotlight areas of its collection. Readers can find a description of the process here in the Hagley Library and Archives News. Historypin is a user-generated global archive of photographs taken in the past and present; many historical museums, archives, and societies have begun to use the site to make available coherent "stories" from their collections. For example, using the "tour" feature, Hagley materials are organized into "Making Black Powder in the DuPont Company Yards"; for other Hagley photographic tours on Historypin, see here.
    The Hagley channel on Historypin was developed by Della Hall of the University of Delaware.

    Among the many other organizations with Historypin channels are the US National Archives and the Smithsonian Institution Archives.