Friday, August 31, 2012

September Enterprise & Society Available

The recently published September 2012 issue of Enterprise & Society is devoted completely to articles. The table of contents includes:
Andrew Smith, "Continental Divide: The Canadian Banking and Currency Laws of 1871 in the Mirror of the United States"
Giorgio Riello, "Boundless Competition: Subcontracting and the London Economy in the Late Nineteenth Century"
Simon Mollan and Ranald Michie, "The City of London as an International Commercial and Financial Center since 1900"
Nikki Mandell, "What Happened to the Company That Dix Made?"
John Sedgwick, Clara Pafort-Overduin, and Jaap Boter, "Explanations for the Restrained Development of the Dutch Cinema Market in the 1930s"
Per H. Hansen, "Making Sense of Financial Crisis and Scandal: A Danish Bank Failure in the First Era of Finance Capitalism"
Abstracts of all articles are available on the Enterprise & Society website at Oxford University Press; full access requires a subscription, which is included in Business History Conference membership.