Monday, May 14, 2012

History Project Aims to Encourage Economic History

The Center for History and Economics at Harvard and its counterpart, the Centre for History and Economics at Cambridge,   have announced the establishment of the History Project, a program supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking with the object of encouraging a new generation of historians to pursue historical studies of the economy and economic life. Fields of interest include economic history, the history of economic thought,the history of economic life, legal history, financial history, environmental history, the history of work, and business history. The project will include:
  • Annual graduate student conferences, to be held at five different universities over the period 2012 to 2016 on subjects ranging from the economic history of poverty to the history of energy.
  • A program of small to medium-sized research grants, open to graduate and advanced undergraduate students.
  • A History Project website as a resource for new histories of economic life and economic thought. 
The History Project is just getting underway, but applications may be submitted for research grants; the next deadline is November 1, 2012. The series of conference themes and locations has also been announced.