Wednesday, March 7, 2012

“Capitalism in America: A New History” Program Available

In February, the History of Capitalism Program at the University of Georgia held a conference titled "Capitalism in America: A New History." Although the meeting is past, the program and paper abstracts are still available on the conference website. Among the participants were Tracey Deutsch, Colleen Dunlavy, Richard John, Allan Kulikoff, and Naomi Lamoreaux. As the organizers see it,
Business historians, economic historians, labor historians, social historians, cultural historians, and political historians all continued to engage with the history of capitalism, but did so with distinct methodological and historiographical concerns that prevented the cross-pollination of ideas and the development of a coherent body of knowledge. In recent years, however, both young and established scholars have been producing cutting-edge work that seeks to unite these disparate fields under the rubric of the history of capitalism.
The Georgia History of Capitalism Program also runs an occasional workshop series and a graduate reading group.
   Readers might also be interested in the activities of the "Program on the Study of Capitalism" at Harvard University, which held a similar conference last November, partnering with the UK-based "Culture of the Market" Network.