Monday, November 14, 2011

December Enterprise & Society Now Available

The December 2011 issue of Enterprise & Society is now available on the Oxford University Press website. Full text access requires a subscription (included in BHC membership), but the abstracts or extracts are accessible by all.
  Contents include papers from the Krooss Dissertation Session at the 2011 BHC meeting as well as the following articles:
Sean Patrick Adams, "How Choice Fueled Panic: Philadelphians, Consumption, and the Panic of 1837"
Christopher Jones, "The Carbon-Consuming Home: Residential Markets and Energy Transitions"
Neveen Abdelrehim, Josephine Maltby, and Steven Toms, "Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Control: The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 1933–1951"
Stuart W. Leslie, "The Strategy of Structure: Architectural and Managerial Style at Alcoa and Owens-Corning"
The 2011 Presidential Address, normally included in this issue, will appear in the March 2012 number.