Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steve Jobs and Stanford University Library's Silicon Valley Archives

The Stanford Silicon Valley Archives, under the direction of Henry Lowood, curator for history of science and technology collections in the Stanford University Libraries, and project historian Leslie Berlin, comprises an enormous and growing repository of materials related to the history of Silicon Valley. With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, the Apple collection has become a particular focus of interest, and Lowood and Berlin have produced a YouTube video outlining the Archives related holdings; as they describe it, the Apple content "provides a unique window into the early years of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' career. The collection comprises approximately 600 linear feet of documents, photos, videos, hardware and software, making it the largest assortment of Apple-related materials in the world."

   Other Archives holdings include materials on, for example, Robert Noyce, Fairchild Semiconductor, and Frederick Terman.Those interested in undertaking research in the Archives materials should contact Leslie Berlin.

Hat tip: AHA Today