Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Enterprise & Society Available

The December 2010 issue of Enterprise & Society contains essays from the Krooss Dissertation Prize Session at the 2010 BHC Annual Meeting (won  by Josh Lauer), as well as four articles and numerous book reviews.  Abstracts of all the articles and extracts from the reviews are available on the journal's Current Issue page at Oxford University Press.
Dissertation Session Essays
Felipe Tâmega Fernandes
Institutions, Geography, and Market Power: The Political Economy of Rubber in the Brazilian Amazon, c. 1870–1910
Josh Lauer
The Good Consumer: Credit Reporting and the Invention of Financial Identity in the United States, 1840–1940
Terri Lonier
Alchemy in Eden: Entrepreneurialism, Branding, and Food Marketing in the United States, 1880–1920
Joseph M. Adelman
“A Constitutional Conveyance of Intelligence, Public and Private”: The Post Office, the Business of Printing, and the American Revolution
Albert Schrauwers
“Regenten” (Gentlemanly) Capitalism: Saint-Simonian Technocracy and the Emergence of the “Industrialist Great Club” in the Mid-nineteenth Century Netherlands
Malia McAndrew
A Twentieth-Century Triangle Trade: Selling Black Beauty at Home and Abroad, 1945–1965
Oskar Broberg
Labeling the Good: Alternative Visions and Organic Branding in Sweden in the Late Twentieth Century