Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Philadelphia on Stone" Online Exhibition

P. S. Duval, c. 1840. Courtesy of the Historical
Society of Pennsylvania (from "Philadelphia on Stone")
A project of the Library Company of Philadelphia, "Philadelphia on Stone" "documents the lives of lithographic artists and printers, and the work they produced, and illuminates Philadelphia’s transformation from a seaport into a leading manufacturing center, and the impact these changes had on the built environment." In addition to the online exhibition, which features hundreds of images of lithographs, the project also created a digital catalog featuring over 1,300 lithographs from a number of institutions, and a biographical dictionary providing information about 500 artists, lithographers, printers, and publishers who worked in commercial lithography in Philadelphia between 1828 and 1878. See also the accompanying PEAES conference, "Representations of Economy," mentioned here earlier.