Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Advance Access Version of June 2010 Enterprise & Society Is Available

The contents of the June 2010 Enterprise & Society are now posted on the Oxford University Press website and can be accessed by BHC members and other subscribers.  Articles include:
David M. Higgins and Dev Gangjee
    “ ‘Trick or Treat?’ The Misrepresentation of American Beef Exports in Britain during the Late Nineteenth Century”

Javier Fernández Roca
    “Monks and Businessmen in Catalonia: The Benedictines of Montserrat, 1900–1936”

Thomas B. Heinrich
    “Jack of All Trades: Cramp Shipbuilding, Mixed Production, and the Limits of Flexible Specialization in American Warship Construction, 1940–1945”

Pál Germuska
    “Military Industry versus Military-Related Firms in Socialist Hungary: Disintegration and Integration of Military Production during the 1950s and Early 1960s

Marcelo Bucheli
    “Multinational Corporations, Business Groups, and Economic Nationalism: Standard Oil (New Jersey), Royal Dutch-Shell, and Energy Politics in Chile, 1913–2005”